Artist Feature: Amir Arahim

  Running a successful business as an artist takes more than creativity, talent and artistic skill. It also means learning about marketing, business skills and taking time for self-care. Amira Rahim is an artist who not only creates and sells her work but has developed her business and now ...

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3 tips for choosing art for your kid’s bedroom

Picking art for a kid’s bedroom is a great opportunity to be a little more playful than you might be in other spaces in your home. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it easier than buying art for any other rooms in your house. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before buying a ...

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6 Common Mistakes New Painters Make

    We all make mistakes, especially when we’re still in the early stages of developing our skills. It’s really useful to be aware of some of the common errors other people make, as it will help us overcome them or avoid them all together. With painting, there tends to be a ...

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How to choose the right size art for your home

There is nothing that makes a house feel like a home quite as much as having art up on the walls. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things just makes you feel good. And when you feel good, inspiration and joy follow. It’s also a brilliant way to show off your own tastes and personality in your ...

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3 Creative Challenges for National Star Wars Day

Thanks for joining me for the 2018 Star Wars Creative Challenge! Are you ready to be creative for National Star Wars Day? Let's do this!   All 3 challenges are linked here. Send me a pic of each project to be entered to win PRIZE!! Challenge #1: Star Wars Snowflake Challenge #2: Draw A ...

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